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  • Full FIFA Laws of Play will be enforced with the exception: “No slide tackles”.

  • Full 11 a-side, 45 minute halves and a 5/10-minute halftime.

  • Minimum number of players allowed to start and complete a game is 7. A team has defaulted if they do not have the minimum number of players at the games’ scheduled start time.

  • Equipment: soccer boots, shin guards, socks (must entirely cover shin guards), jerseys & shorts must be worn by all players.

  • Jewelry must be removed. Any medical/sports braces etc. with sharp corners should be covered to prevent injury.

  • No blood rule is a FIFA rule: Any player that is bleeding must leave the field and return only when the bleeding is stopped and/or covered and after the referee has given permission to enter the field.

  • Absolutely no foul language (referees will issue cards for language and dissent).

  • If a player wears a knee brace it must be covered with a fabric sports cover. Fabric knee braces are okay without one.



  • All cards are issued according to FIFA Laws of Play.

  • For every red card received by a player, the player will be suspended from the game in which the infraction occurred, plus, automatically, the next scheduled game (including exhibition and the “year-end tournament”). All players who receive red cards may be required at the discretion of the committee, to go before the Adult Soccer Disciplinary Committee to determine further consequences for their actions. All cards will be carried over to the next scheduled game, including exhibition, “year-end tournament”, and the following season.



  • It is recommended by the SCWSL that pregnant players not play past their first trimester.


Dues (Team Fees) 

  • Each existing team must pay their league fees before the start of each season in order to participate. 


Penalties for late dues 

  • Teams that have not paid by the above-mentioned dates will forfeit all games until paid. If full dues are not paid by September 30th, the offending team will forfeit the season.  

 New Teams 

  • New teams must have the dues paid in full and a roster of a minimum of 18 players submitted to the Executive at the August pre-season executive meeting.

  • If a new team is unable to consistently field a team the executive will have an extra meeting to decide if that team will forfeit the schedule. If the team forfeits prior to the end of the first half, they will be reimbursed the remaining amount of their dues after the fixed costs (ie. insurance) and variable costs (ie. referees for games played) have been deducted.

  • If the forfeiting team folds after completion of the first half of the schedule they will forfeit 100% of their dues.


Completed Games

  • A game will be considered complete if 68 minutes of play have occurred.  The referees are responsible for the official time.    

Team Rosters and Player Eligibility

  • Roster limit of 30 players per team. The team roster must be submitted to the league representative by the beginning of the first game of the season. Any game played without a submitted team roster will be forfeit by the team that has failed to submit its roster

  • All players must submit a waiver / registration form to their team's executive member before the first scheduled game in which they play, including any scheduled exhibition games but excluding the “year end tournament”

  • The league is restricted to players 18 years of age in the year they play (when they are no longer eligible for the youth league), with the exception of 7 girls aged 16 and up.

  • Roster changes must be done through the league executive 72 hours prior to the first game in which the new player to the team roster is to play (including exhibition but excluding the “year end tournament”).  Rosters are available for viewing on the roster page of this website.

  • New players must submit a waiver / registration as well as the roster change to the executive 72 hours prior to the first game in which they are to play. The 3 game minimum rule applies to all new players.

  • Any infraction of the roster rules will result in the violating team defaulting the game in which the illegal player played and/or a deduction of points from the league standings.

  • Each player must complete a minimum of 3 league games with the team for which they are on the roster of (including exhibition but excluding the “year end tournament”) in order to be eligible to play in the year-end tournament.

Folding of Teams

  • In the event that a team folds during the season, those players are eligible to be put on other rosters according to the protocol above (i.e. the team must make the decision to fold before the roster change cut off date). If a teams folds after the league ends and before the year end tournament, players will be ineligible to play in the tournament. The 5 game minimum rule does not apply for players coming from a folded team.

League Meetings

  • Teams must send a representative to all league meetings. 2 points will be deducted from league standings for any and all teams who are not represented. These are the forums for which comments, concerns and questions are discussed and decided. If a decision is made and a team does not have a representative there to cast their teams’ vote, they forfeit their vote and the decision is made without them. Any discussion around league decisions arising from a team who were not in attendance at a meeting will have to wait until the next scheduled meeting.

  • We will attempt to run the league with 2 meeting per year. We will increase the number of meetings if it is necessary for smooth operation of the league.


  • If a dispute arises on the field between 2 teams or a referee, a written report must be sent to the league executive within 48 hours of the match.  The other team involved will then have 48 hours to respond to the report. First attempts at communication will be made via email.  The communications officer will then make 3 attempts to phone the representatives for the team in question so that they will have the opportunity to respond within the allocated time frame.  If the executive cannot connect with the second team they will review the incident without the second team's input. The executive will then decide whether to review the incident or refer it to the disciplinary committee. Each dispute will be dealt with independently.

  • If a team is playing under protest, the referee must be notified of the protest before the end of the game. Any protests made after the game is completed will not be recognized. All protests must be made in writing to the league executive within 48 hours of the game under protest.

  • An abandoned match is one where the referee walks off the field. This match will later be replayed. If a team walks off the field in protest, they have forfeited the game.


Game Cancellations

  • 48 hours notice needs to be given to cancel a game (ie. before noon on Friday). If a team cancels with less than 48 hours notice it will result in a forfeit. If a team cancels more than 3 times because they are unable to field a team the executive will discuss whether the team should continue to play in the league.

Team Responsibility

  • The home team is responsible for corner flags, lining of fields, pinnies/alternate jerseys, nets and game ball.

  • Teams are responsible to ensure that all of their players are in fit condition to play the game. If a team is aware that a player is unfit to play, and may be a danger to themselves or others, they should be removed from the field.

  • The Referee has the authority to cancel a match due to undesirable field conditions, including weather complications and lack of lines or posts.

  • Teams are responsible for the behaviour of their teammates, coaches and fans. We expect that team captains and officials will assist in upholding the spirit of the Laws of the Game.

  • Alcohol is not permitted in our parks – if teams are enjoying refreshments they should do so in a discrete manner.

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